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VIDEO All Of The Series In The Invincible Universe

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All Of The Series In The Invincible Universe

There are so many other great stories in the Invincible Universe, some you may not have heard of. Subscribe to Skybound ►

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Which side story are you most interested in reading? What will you miss most about Invincible? When will you be re-reading the entire series?!? What do you want from an Invincible movie? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I like the Invincible Universe. The only problem I have is that too much characters look like parodies or less charismatic analogues of the big 2 roster, so I have a hard time taking some stuffs seriously.

  2. You guys hiring? I've got some serious stories in me. No particular genre, I'm really more of a Jack-of-all-trades & general creator. Basically, I'll be Image's next partner before you know it!
    Love the work & I'm 100% serious.

  3. With the end of in Invincible I end my relationship with comics. Invincible was the only comic I still read and followed now that its gone it feels like part of who I am is no longer there. Thank you Kirkman for an amazing end to an amazing series.

  4. So I’m calling SPOILER ALERT right off the bat to cover my whole post. Moving on, I just finished Invincible #144 and, yes, I’m sad it’s over, got choked up at points reading it, definitely smiled a lot, too. I have to say, I’ve bought this book from the very beginning and from start to finish—for FIFTEEN fucking years—it really became what it advertised: The Best Superhero Comic in the Universe. Period. (Although Kirkman might argue that honor belongs to Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon, which is way past Invincible in number of issues and is a HUGE influence on his writing.)
    But back to Invincible, it has always ranged from good to great, and one of the main reasons has been an entertaining, ever-evolving roller coaster of a story arc that changed the characters and their lives in good, bad, surprising, often shocking ways and logically led to the events chronicled in the last issue—and lemme tell ya, there were a LOT of events. In retrospect, it made me think of two things. If anybody recalls Peter David’s final days on the Incredible Hulk, when he was just knocking stories out of the park left and right but saved the best for last with a single-issue look at Bruce Banner’s dark, dark, DARK future as told by a broken Rick Jones—well, that’s kinda what I expected from Kirkman. The other storyline that popped into my head (and I’m totally dating myself here) was Howard Chaykin's Cody Starbuck from Star Reach magazine of the 70s. Cody was an outer-space swashbuckler/pirate who eventually overthrows this evil empire and saves the galaxy. But instead of him living and ruling happily ever after (and in keeping with the political pessimism of the time) the last page cuts to the future where Cody has become a sadistic, totalitarian despot even worse than the ones he toppled, and his final speech is a happy toast to how absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Sooooo, in regard to the conclusion of the Mark Grayson saga…all I’ll say is I was pleasantly surprised. Not just for the optimism it showed, but how—for someone who claims this was the character’s swan song and he didn’t wanna have the whole never-ending comic franchise that keeps chugging along no matter what—Kirkman seemed to lay the ground awfully well for a SHIT-TON of stories and/or series to grow from. Just sayin’.
    So goodbye Invincible universe—for now (heh). And thank you, Robert Kirkman, for keeping an old-school comic buyer very happy for a decade and a half. That’s impressive.

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